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Lazyeazy was founded in 2018 with founders get their degree overseas. Due to the rapid growth of the Chinese pets market since 2015, countless pets related services and products are showing up from day to day. We decided to offer out pets unique fashion and lifestyles not only for pets owners’ interests, but also for giving high quality life since they are going to be very important parts among more and more Chinese families. 


With the knowledge of both overseas and domestic pets market, Lazyeazy was founded to meet the high standard on quality, styling, social connections, and we are planning to offer more exciting elements in the coming future.


 The raw materials we choose are imported from Japan and only the highest quality will be chosen to put thought into our manufactory.  We use the standard of baby clothing and applied onto all out suppliers and production in order to provide the comfort and safety to our “little” family members.  Nevertheless, while we are focusing on the quality, functionality is also another key element we are considering with each piece of our design.  We are working on several leading designs to avoid our pets from danger, for example,  wicked environment, rookie parents, and more unpredictable factors.


  Lazyeazy is keen on make our pets an important family member, and provide them with unique lifestyles combined with not only fashion, fitting, comfort, functionality, but the most import element which is our love and care.


Jennifer Zhang



Our Team
Xinzhou Liu
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